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National Advisories

SR-No Title Download/Link
1 Advisory on the safety of Journalists-Regarding. Download (1.52 MB)
2 Identification of illegal migrants and monitoring thereof. Download (14.25 KB)
3 Advisory on untoward incidents in the country on cattle in the disturbance of law and order by miscreants in the name of protection of Cow. Download (668.97 KB)
4 Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme (CVCF) Guidelines. Download (1.26 MB)
5 Advisory on no discrimination in compulsory registration of FIRs. Download (905.14 KB)
6 Advisory on expediting cases of Acid Attack on women. Download (767.22 KB)
7 Investigative Units for Crime against Women(IUCAW). Download (56.12 KB)
8 Advisory on measures to be taken by States UTs to curb of misuse of section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code-regarding. Download (22.05 KB)
9 Advisory on Fast Tracking of Criminal Trials Against sitting MLAs & MPs. Download (543.81 KB)
10 Advisory on Compulsory Registration of FIR u/s 154 Cr. P.C. when the information makes out a cognizable offence. Download (64.06 KB)
11 Preparation of a Victim Compensation Scheme for the victim Compensation Scheme for the victims of crime in view of insertion of a new Section 357- A in the Cr.P.C. through the code of Criminal Procedure(Amendment) Act, 2008-Regarding. Download (2.33 MB)
12 Advisory on Protection of Life and Property of Senior Citizens. Download (103.99 KB)
13 Advisory on Protection of Life and Property of Senior Citizens. Download (103.99 KB)
14 Measures to be taken to prevent acid attacks on people and for treatment and rehabilitation of survivors. Download (157.39 KB)
15 Advisory on mandatory registration of FIR in case of Missing Children. Download (60.39 KB)
16 Advisory on Registration of FIR irrespective of territorial jurisdiction and Zero FIR. Download (52.61 KB)
17 Advisory on increasing the number of women in Police forces in the states. Download (55.04 KB)
18 Section 433 A of Cr.P.C and Restriction on powers of remission or commutation in certain cases. Download (191.37 KB)
19 Advisory on Arrest of an accused outside the State/UT Jurisdiction Download (536.29 KB)
20 Advisory on preventing and combating human trafficking in India - dealing with foreign nationals Download (213.71 KB)