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Request for comments of stakeholders/OEM on Draft QRs

Draft Qualitative requirements (QRS) forwarded by CAPFs are uploaded on the website of MHA as well as CAPFs for 15 days to receive comments of vendors and possible manufacturers to ensure market availability of the subject item. It also ensures that QRS of subject items would be generic in nature and not vendor specific. Hence, wide publicity of draft QRS to possible stakeholders/vendors is desirable.

Draft QRS and Trial Directive

Draft QRS and Trial Directive
SR-No Title Download/Link
1 QRs and TDs of Contactless Stethoscope Download (1.07 MB)
2 QRs & TDs OF NEAR IR LASER POINTER Download (1.61 MB)
4 QRs and TDs of Blasting Machine/Pogal Set Download (1.82 MB)
5 QRs and TDs of Bomb Blanket Download (798.06 KB)
6 QRs/TDs of Bomb Basket Download (1.16 MB)
7 QRs/TDs of Lithium battery for use with Radio set in mobile role Download (1.22 MB)
8 QRs/TDs of Photo Voltaic Module (Solar Battery Charger) Foldable, Flexible & Rollable for batteries Download (1.13 MB)
9 QRs and TDs of Off Set Four Colour Machine Download (2.08 MB)
10 QRs and TDs of CTP (COMPUTER TO PLATE MACHINE) Download (1.56 MB)
11 QRs and TDs of Colour Production Printer Download (1.89 MB)
12 QRs and TDs for E.O.I of Diesel generator set Download (3.48 MB)
13 QR/TDs of Ground Penetrating Radar (Hand Held) Download (1.18 MB)
14 QRs-TDs of Temporary Accommodation options Download (2.2 MB)
15 QRs and TDs of SPC High Speed Armed Patrol Interceptor Craft Download (8.36 MB)
16 QRs and TDs of Fast Interceptor Croft Download (8.36 MB)
17 QRs and TDs of Landing Craft Assault Download (11.63 MB)
18 QRs and TDs of Oil Tanker Vessel (60Thousand LTRs Oil Tanker) Download (10.62 MB)
19 QRs and TDs of Water Tanker Vessel Download (9.69 MB)
20 QRs and TDs of Dragon Search Light Download (2.84 MB)
21 QRs and TDs of Counter Drone System Download (8.31 MB)
22 QRs and TDs of Solar Battery Charger (Foldable, Flexible and Rollable) For Batteries Download (649.24 KB)
23 QRs and TDs of Hand Held Explosive Detector Download (3.39 MB)
24 QRs and TDs of Mechanized Boat. Download (10.49 MB)
25 QRs and TDs of Bomb Basket Download (1.17 MB)
26 QRs and TDs of Tactical Shoe and Tie for VIP personnel Download (1.55 MB)
27 QRs and TDs of Shot Gun/ Spas Gun Download (933.09 KB)
29 QRs and TDs of excavator cum backhoe loader Download (1.78 MB)
30 QRs and TDs of Ground Penetrating Radar (Hand Held) Download (3.14 MB)
31 QRs and TDs of ATP Station for EOTs (Electro optical Thermal Sensor) Download (2.62 MB)
32 QRs and TDs of DDC Diagnostic Station Download (3.12 MB)
33 QRs and TDs of Digital Sand Model-Revision Download (18.46 MB)
34 QRs and TDs of BOMB BLANKET Download (1.07 MB)
35 QRs and TDs of Mechanized Boat Revision Download (11.26 MB)
36 QRs and TDs of Software of GIS for Image Surveillance and Analytics Download (4.64 MB)
37 QRs and TDs of water proof rain poncho with bivouac Download (1.96 MB)
38 QRs and TDs of vest thermal Download (1.71 MB)
39 QRs and TDs of Under pant thermal Download (2.17 MB)
40 QRs and TDs of Trouser BD Serge cloth Download (1.7 MB)
41 QRs and TDs of Snow Shoes Truger Download (2.64 MB)
42 QRs and TDs of Hand gloves knitted. Download (1.88 MB)
43 QRs and TDs of Cotton terry towel sky Download (3.46 MB)
44 QRs and TDs of Coat parka Download (881.4 KB)
45 QRs & TDs of Cap Comforter Woollen Download (1.97 MB)
46 QRs & TDs of Auto Diagnostic Kit for Tata Cummins and SML vehicles (Heavy and Medium vehicles) Download (10.36 MB)
47 QRs & TDs of Inflatable Defence Shelter System Download (2.99 MB)
48 QRs & TDs of Hand Held Laser Range Finder (HHLRF) Download (4.54 MB)
49 QRs and TDs of Medium Range Day & Night Surveillance Camera Download (3.25 MB)
50 QRs and TDs of Various Special uniform cloth for VIP personnel Download (4.26 MB)
51 QRs TDs of CTP (Computer to Plate Machince, Offset Four Colour Machince and Colour Production Printer Download (3.68 MB)
52 QRs TDs Specification of Cloth Disruptive with digital print for RAF Download (1.25 MB)