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UT Division
SR-No Keyword Subject Download/Link Number Date
1 Extension of state Act to Himachal Pradesh

The Punjab Pre-emption (Amendment) Act, 1960 (10 of 1960).

Download (468.13 KB) GSR 861
2 Delegation of powers

Under Section 92 and 93 of 'The Code of Civil Procedure Act 1908(5 of 1908)'

Download (600.66 KB) S.O 2583
3 Delegation of powers

The Enforcement of Punjab Panchayat (Chandigarh Repeal) Act.(Hindi)

Download (30.75 KB) S.O.323(E)
4 Extension of state Act to Himachal Pradesh

The Punjab Motor Spirit(Taxation of Sales)(East Punjab Amendment)Act,1949(XXIX of 1949),The Punjab Motor Spirit(Taxation of Sales) (Amendment)Act,1955(X of 1955),The Punjab Motor Spirit(Taxation of Sales)Amendment)Act,1957(20 of 1957),The Punjab Motor Spirit(Taxation of Sales)(Amendment)Act,1959(II of 1955),The Punjab motor Spirit (Taxation of Sales)(Amendment)Act,1960(19 of 1060).

Download (614.22 KB) GSR 152.
5 Delegation of powers

(i)'The Passport(Entry into India) Act,1920(34 of 1920)'(ii) The Passport (Entry into India)Rules,1950.(iii) The Registration of Foreigners Rules 1939.(iv) The Foreigners Act,1946(31 of 1946).(v) The Foreigners Order,1948

Download (520.7 KB) G.S.R 962
6 Delegation of powers

The Cr. PC 1973.

Download (44.01 KB) S.O.53(E)
7 Extension of state Act to Tripura

The Societies Registration (Assam Fourth Amendment) Act, 1957 (VII of 1957 and the Societies Registration(Assam Fifth Amendment) Act, 1958 (XI of 1958).

Download (38.62 KB) GSR 86.
8 Appointment

Notification regarding appointment of Sh.Madan Lal Khurana,CM ,NCT of Delhi

Download (231.18 KB) S.O.148(E)
9 Delegation of powers

The Child Labour Act, 1986.(Hindi)

Download (56.66 KB) S.O.1081(E)
10 Delegation of Powers

LG of Himachal Pradesh to exercise the powers of Central Government in respect of'The appointment of the Mahant of Sh.Jagannath Temple at Nahn.

Download (139.59 KB) SRO 2105.
11 Appointment

(i)Notification regarding accept the resignation of Smt.Sheila Dikshit,CM,Delhi.(ii) Notification regarding appointment of Smt.Sheila Dikshit,CM,Delhi.(ii) Notification regarding appointment of Ministers in the NCT of Delhi

Download (296.88 KB) s.o 1418(E)
12 Delegation of powers

The Commission of Sati Prevention Act, 1987. (Hindi)

Download (65.14 KB) S.O.643(E)
13 Delegation of powers to Chief Commissioner of Manipur

Under Section 8 of the Mines & Minerals(Regulation & Development)Act,1948(LIII of 1948).

Download (116.75 KB) MII-152(101)/54.
14 Resignation

Notification regarding appointment of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal as CM,Delhi and its Ministers

Download (298.53 KB) S.O.3808(E)
15 Delegation of powers

The Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984.(Hindi)

Download (318.73 KB) S.O.236(E)
16 Delegation of powers

Chief Commissioner of Bhopal to exercise powers of the State Government under 'The Bhopal Abolition of Jagirs and Land Reforms Act ,1953.

Download (113.25 KB) S.R.O 1859
17 Tripura

The Madras Dramatic Performance Act,1954 (XXXIII of 1954)(

Download (708.32 KB) GSR 1136
19 Delegation of powers

Lieutenant-Governors of Vindhya Pradesh and Chief Commissioner of Bhopal to discharge functions of Central Government under section 20(1) of The minimum Wages Act,1948.

Download (176.5 KB) S.R.O 1258
DM Division
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18 Disaster Management

Term of office and Conditions of Service of Members of National Authoriy and Payment of Allownces to Members of Advisory Committee Second Amendment Rule .

Download (35.18 KB) S.O.669(E)
NE Division
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20 Disturbed Area

Declaration of Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts of Arunachal Pradesh and the area falling withing the jurisdication of enght Police stations in the districts of Arunachal Pradesh bordering State of Assam as disturbed area-reg.

Download (52.62 KB) S.O. 5020(E)