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Centre State Division

Centre-State Matters: The Division deals with Centre-State relations, including working of the constitutional provisions governing such relations, the appointment of Governors, the creation of new States, nominations to Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha, Inter-State boundary disputes, over-seeing the crime situation in States, the imposition of President's Rule.

Centre-State Matters

SR-No Title Download/Link
1 Centre-State Matters. Click Here


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1 Corrigenda Download (790.64 KB)
2 S.O.655(E) New State of Andhra Pradesh. Download (225.99 KB)
3 The Presidents (Emoluments and) Pension Act, 1951 Download (18.57 KB)
4 The President's (Emoluments and) Pension Act, 1951 Download (798.17 KB)
5 The Salaries & Allowances of Ministers Act, 1952 Download (16.62 KB)
6 The State Reorganisation Act, 1956 Download (396.53 KB)
7 The Bombay Reorganisation Act, 1960 Download (386.57 KB)
8 The Governors (Emoluments, Allowances and Privileges) Act, 1982 Download (78.95 KB)
9 The Governors (Emoluments, Allowances and Privileges) Act, 1982
10 The Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984
11 The Vice-President's Pension Act, 1997
12 The Vice Presidents Pension Act, 1997 Download (17.7 KB)
13 The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998 Download (795.64 KB)
14 Madhya Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2000 Download (795.64 KB)
15 Uttar Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2000 Download (679.91 KB)
16 Bihar Reorganisation Act 2000 Download (737.01 KB)
17 The Constitution(Ninety-Sixth Amendment) Act, 2011 Download (180.36 KB)
18 The Orissa(Alteration of Name) Act, 2011 Download (362.44 KB)
19 Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 Download (205.44 KB)
20 Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Amendment Act, 2014 Download (28.51 KB)
21 The Governors (Emoluments, Allowances and Privileges) Amendment Act, 2014 Download (75.73 KB)
22 Amendment to the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act 1984 by the prevention of Damage to Public Property Act(Amendment) Bill, 2015. Download (1.04 MB)


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1 The Ministers Residences Rules, 1962 Download (19.56 KB)
2 The Presidents Pensions Rules, 1962 Download (41.44 KB)
3 The Governors (Allowances and Privileges) Rules, 1987 Download (101.05 KB)
4 The Vice-Presidents Pension, Housing and Other Facilities Rules, 1999 Download (30.87 KB)
5 The Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2010 Download (E)
6 Governors (Allowances and Privileges) Amendment Rules, 2014 Download (E)
7 The Ministers (Allowances, Medical Treatment and other Privileges) Rules, 1957 Download (66.3 KB)
8 Governors (Allowances and Privileges) Amendment Rules, 2015 Download (999.09 KB)


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1 Advisories Click Here


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1 D.O. No. 7/34/2011-M&G dated 18.03.2013. Download (50.15 KB)
2 No. S-11014/1/2010-Pt FI/CGHS(P) dated 11.06.2013. Download (43.9 KB)
3 No. H.11014/1/2010-CGHS(P) dated 08.02.2013. Download (42.78 KB)
4 No. S-12019/1/75-CGHS dated 09.12.1976. Download (102.12 KB)


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1 The Salaries and Allowances of Ministers(Amendment) Ordinance,2020 dated 09.04.2020 Download (730.94 KB)
2 List of Governors of States Download (32.24 KB)
3 Updation of contents on the MHA website - reg Download (76.52 KB)
4 Identification of illegal migrants and monitoring thereof. Download (14.25 KB)
5 Presentation by companies on Cyber Crime and Cyber Security issues Download (471.12 KB)
6 Workshop on NERS on 17 Feb 2016, MHA, New Delhi Download (96.36 KB)
7 NERS-ITSP Tender cancellation document. Download (4.06 KB)
8 Delimitation of Council Constituencies Telangana, order 2015. Download (186.24 KB)
9 Advisory on no discrimination in compulsory registration of FIRs. Download (1.09 MB)
10 Pre Bid Query response related to NERS PMC RFP project Download (190.87 KB)
11 The Letter related to Guidelines & MOU for Nationwide Emergency Response System(NERS). Download (161.19 KB)
12 Request for Proposal for “Selection of Project Management Consultants for Monitoring of NERS-ITSP and CAD-SP”. Download (157.32 KB)
13 NERS Bid extension Notice Download (3.68 KB)
14 Nationwide Emergency Response System(NERS) Guidelines Download (273.39 KB)
15 MoU on National Emergency Response System Between Centre and State/UT Government Download (21.6 KB)
16 Competition for designing logos for Crime & Criminal Tracking Network and Systems(CCTNS) and National Emergency Response Scheme(NERS). Download (76.1 KB)
17 Tender for Selection of IT Service Provider for Emergency Response System of MHA under Nirbhaya. Download (1.92 MB)
18 CCTNS Core Application Software (CAS) ver 4.1 has been released to States/UTs. Nodal Officers can download the application Download (35.7 KB)
19 Advt for Chief Architect Technology and Security Manager under Digital India Programme of MHA. Download (452.66 KB)
20 Meeting convened by Home Secretary. Download (566.89 KB)
21 My Security Platform-Deployment of Security applications. Download (49.45 KB)
22 Report of the Expert Committee to Study the Alternatives for a New Capital for the State of Andhra Pradesh Download (14.62 MB)
23 Determination of cadre strength of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Download (763.22 KB)
24 Acknowledging public responses regarding the new capital for the successor State of Andhra Pradesh. Download (55.35 KB)
25 Constitution of the Committee Download (213.44 KB)
26 Data on Crimes against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for the years 2010-2012 Download (280 KB)
27 NHRC data on SC.ST Complaints and data on action taken against the Police Personnel Download (102.47 KB)
28 Report on the evaluation of the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems Project. Download (6.09 MB)
29 Suggestion for Safety of Women and Vulnerable Society-Publication of Expression of Interest. Download (246.12 KB)
30 Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2013. Download (67.63 KB)
31 The Code of conduct for Ministers Download (132.87 KB)
32 Law and Order
33 List of Governors
34 List of nominated Members to Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha
35 Article 371(2) of the Constitution
36 Article 371 D of the Constitution


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1 National Crime Records Bureau. Click Here
2 Inter-State Council Secretariat. Click Here
3 Zonal Council Secretariat. Click Here

Other links

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1 Ministry of Law and Justice


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1 Notification of Change of name of Orissa to Odisha Download (179.96 KB)
2 S.O.s 827(E),828(E) and 829(E) dated 14-09-2000 Download (29.24 KB)
3 Notification regarding the Governors (Emoluments, Allowances and Privileges) Amendment Act, 2014 Download (43.28 KB)
4 The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018 (2 of 2018)